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Our commitment to sustainability begins with using natural fibers in our products, with a focus on sustainable options. For example, we prioritize organic cotton to reduce water consumption during production.

Additionally, we are constantly exploring alternative natural fibers, and have found that bamboo fiber is one of the most environmentally friendly options available. Bamboo grows quickly without the need for chemical fertilizers or excessive water, and the resulting fabric is free from harmful compounds. In fact, bamboo fabric is not only durable and breathable, but also hypoallergenic and UV-resistant.

Our product line is predominantly made from bamboo fiber, supplemented with high-quality items made from hemp, linen, and wool for the winter. We barely  use synthetic fibers, in keeping with our commitment to sustainability.

We also adhere to the zero-waste production principle, utilizing off-cuts to create new items such as hair-ties, face cleansing pads, and wash cloths. Our products are designed to last, made with the highest quality workmanship and suitable for long-term use.

We are in contact with couple of delivery companies who doing 100% carbon neutral shipping service.

In addition, we prioritize eco-friendly packaging options such as recycled swing tags, tissue paper, carry bags, and boxes, as well as compostable mailers for deliveries. Our goal is to minimize waste and promote sustainability throughout our entire production process.

We are proud to watch more people take the step to keep clothing out of landfill and help to reduce the world’s waste.