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About Robes and towels

Where are the towels made in?

Our towels and robes are made on a hand-operated loom in, Turkiye.All yarns are obtained sustainably and handwoven in an atelier certified by the Oeko-Tex® Confidence in Textiles.

What's so special about Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels are large, flat-woven towels, that were traditionally used in Turkish baths. They are super absorbent and very quick-drying. They pack light and they are versatile as you can use them in many different ways. They usually have a fringe. They are also known as Peshtemal towels in Turkiye and Fouta towels in North Africa.

Are Turkish towels environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Because Turkish towels are so light, they utilise less material and produce them with less energy than a traditional terry cloth towel. They dry faster after usage, so they don't develop a musty odour. As a result, they don't require as much laundering. When the time comes, they take up a lot less room in the washing and take a lot less time to dry.

Our towels, in particular, are of exceptional quality and will serve you for a lifetime. You won't toss them away after a few of years of use because they not only wear out, but they also improve with use.

How to wash and dry Turkish towels?

We recommend gentle machine washing with comparable colors in warm or cold water. No bleach, and avoid putting products with zippers or hooks in the wash because they could get tangled in the fringe.

Although line drying is preferable, we utilize the lowest heat setting on our tumble dryer at home. Too much heat can degrade the integrity of material, resulting in brittle towels. Alternate between hang drying and tumble drying on a lower setting.

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