“Good" means natural. "Good" means durable. "Good" means breathable. "Good" means recyclable. "Good" means hand-made. "Good" is linen. "Good" is cotton. "Good" is silk. "Good" is bamboo. "Good" is wool. Our objective is to support 'good goods'.

Fine Selection was established in January 2022 in Melbourne. 
Our towel, robe and loungewear collection are only made from natural fibres and materials. We also support artisans who produce hand-knitted, crocheted unique wear and socks. 
Our Vision: 
To promote sustainable, ethical fair-trade production, raising awareness of benefits of natural fibres, traditional hand-made techniques, besides that spreading the local and boutique production with zero-waste approach.


Our Mission:
To create and sell ethically hand-made, sustainable, zero-waste, timeless, and comfortable textile products; and constantly educating our customers about why and how they are better for us. 


Nowadays Bamboo is a popular and environmentally friendly option. The plant grows in the tropics. The high rate of cellulose and also the fiber properties that increase the comfort of clothing have increased the popularity of this fiber, especially in recent years. The most interesting feature of the bamboo plant is that it contains a natural substance called “Bamboo Kun” which has antibacterial properties. It can absorb as much water as cotton when wet. The second most important feature of bamboo fiber is its natural channel structure. These channels in the fiber absorb water molecules in a short time and then evaporate on their own. For this reason, bamboo fibers can be called “breathing fibers”. By analyzing their physical properties, it has been found that they have high strength and increased strength when wet, low elasticity and a very light structure.