I'd want to explain the short story of our video and photoshoots: how did we get started, how did we chose locations, teams, and styling.

Choosing Location

We chose products made of natural fibres and materials because our narrative began as a supporter of sustainability through the reuse of secondhand apparel and accessories. As a result, nature has always been and will continue to be our concept and starting point. That means, we required fresh and green outdoor areas with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


Our location was Royal Botanic Gardens, in Melbourne city centre.

Preparing The Garments and Accessories

We have almost all size of looks, so we needed to choose one range and a model to suit that look and size. We started with '‘Petit Navy’’ and “Shake My Fringes”; those are both Small sizes. We also had our special designed and made in Melbourne top “Inspired” which is also a small size. And, of course, we iron all of them and make sure they stay ironed:)

second hand styling fashion blue clutch bag linen top pleated pants

Choosing the Model

Because these two outfits are in small sizes, we met Yasemin, a skinny and lovely friend of mine. I was hoping to have some short movies for Reel as well as some good, quick shoots to utilise for the website and social media. She was so relaxed in front of the cameras and excited to be with us!

second hand styling op shop natural clothing blue clutch bag linen top botanical gardens

Using The Right Tools

First of all, if you have a photographer, it is fantastic. If you're the one, make sure you have at least a semi-professional photo camera (I have a Canon) and I strongly suggest using a gimble for video shoots. I used gimble Dji Osmo Mobile 4 with my phone for videos; it also gives a great app for editing videos.

second hand photoshoot natural clothing towels beach towels

Determining The Perfect Date

Our outfits are designed for summer, and dear Melbourne is a “four-season in a day” city. As a result, it was a little challenging because we needed to perform an outdoor shoot. Every day, we checked the weather forecasts to ensure that our plans aligned with our model. Finally, for our happy shoots, we had a wonderfully warm and beautiful day! Yay!

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